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Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

FAQs & Links

The following list of links provides an overview of relevant pages and information on the internet on topics that are important in the field of work, inclusion and technology.

Journal "Berufsbildung"
The journal "Berufsbildung", which is published every two months, contains peer-reviewed articles that focus on education and training, equal opportunities and equivalence, and vocational teacher training. Furthermore, current topics are addressed within the issues.

Journal "Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik"
The journal "Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik" is an online journal that examines both theoretical and practical aspects of vocational and business education against the backdrop of current key topics. Different perspectives are taken and researchers, teachers, practitioners and students are explicitly encouraged to enter into discussion, taking into account the current state of research and discussion, about which detailed information is provided.

Vocational training
Here you will find the product range of books, journals and electronic media for education and careers from the specialist publisher "wbv". Information about the "wbv" symposium is also available.

Publisher Julius Klinkhardt
The scientifically oriented pedagogical publisher "Julius Klinkhardt" provides titles that deal with pedagogical content. Approximately 60-70 new works are published each year, including dissertations from various areas of pedagogy. This also includes special education, vocational and business educationas well as participation research, so that relevant topics such as further vocational training, rehabilitation and reintegration are addressed.

Waxmann Verlag
Waxmann Verlag publishes specialist academic and practical literature with a focus on educational science, psychology, sociology and educational research. The range includes high-quality monographs, journals, anthologies and book series. These include titles on the topics of inclusion, integration, support and professional participation of people with disabilities.

Action Alliance for Participation Research
The Action Alliance for Participation Research, which comprises 140 organizations and individual members from Germany, has set itself the goal of promoting participation research, self-determination and participation of people with disabilities. Participation in research by people with disabilities is also a key concern. To this end, specialist information on comprehensive and equal participation in an inclusive society is listed. There is also a strong reference to practical issues. Change processes in dealing with people with disabilities are brought into focus, analyzed, reflected and developed. In the multifaceted field of participation research, issues relating to occupational participation are explicitly taken into account.

Federal Institute for Vocational Training/Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB)
As a federal institution, the BIBB works for politics, science and the practice of vocational training in the field of research and further development of vocational and further training in Germany. The website provides comprehensive information on research activities, vocational orientation (section: "Die Themen" - "Praxis und Programme" - "Berufsorientierungsprogramm") (only in german) and international issues. Its own publications are made available. The BIBB publishes the data report on the vocational training.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs/Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales (BMAS)
The BMAS website provides information on the ministry as well as on topics such as the "labor market", "occupational safety", "labor law" and "participation of people with disabilities and rehabilitation". One current focus is the topic of "Mental health in the workplace". Publications can be found under "Service".

Federal Ministry of Education and Research/Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
The BMBF website provides information on topics such as vocational training. The BMBF is the publisher of the Vocational Training Report.

Federal Employment Agency/Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA)
The BA offers information on the topics of vocational training and vocational rehabilitation under the heading "Menschen mit Behinderung" (only in german). Brochures and links provide further information.

Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Pension Insurance)
The website of the "Deutsche Rentenversicherung" (German Pension Insurance) provides comprehensive explanations on vocational rehabilitation, including benefits for participation in working life, which are discussed in more detail. The relevant brochures are listed in this context. These also provide information on the reduced earning capacity pension and refer in detail to the framework concept regarding benefits for participation in working life.

Vocational and Social participation/Berufliche und Soziale Teilhabe (DGUV)
The DGUV deals with benefits for vocational and social participation on its homepage, among other things. In addition to information on job security and job placement, vocational adaptation and qualification, as well as participation in life in the community, relevant content on benefits for participation in working life is provided. The "Jobs für Menschen mit Behinderung" action alliance of the "MyHandicap" foundation, which deals with the inclusion of people with disabilities in the primary labor market, is also presented.

Company for innovative employment  promotion/Gesellschaft für innovative Beschäftigungsförderung mbH (G.I.B.)
G.I.B. is a state-owned company. Among other things, it supports the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia in realizing its goals in promoting employment. We particularly recommend the Newsletter, which is published free of charge every 14 days and contains the most important information from G.I.B., a labor market policy press review, link tips and extensive, up-to-date information on employment policy topics.

Rehabilitation law
The platform provides specialist articles, a discussion format and an information library that address current topics relating to rehabilitation and participation. Not only social and employment law issues are listed there, but also social and rehabilitation science articles (under the heading "Fachbeiträge – Konzept und Politik" - only aviable in german). The platform is aimed at scientists and practitioners alike.

Institute for Employment Research/Institut für Arbeitsmarkt  und Beruftsförderung (IAB)
The IAB is a research institute of the Federal Employment Agency. It examines the effects of employment promotion instruments and basic security benefits for jobseekers. The website provides a wide range of in-house publications, e.g. the IAB short reports or IAB research reports.

The website presents the information system for vocational rehabilitation and provides information on technical aids, case law, practical examples, seminars and addresses. The section "REHADAT-Wissen" (only in german) contains extensive information on research projects, statistics and a literature search function. Books, newspaper articles and other media can be searched for using the search function and can often be borrowed free of charge.

German Network for Workplace Health Promotion/Deutsches Netzwerk für Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung (DNBGF)
The DNBGF is committed to the goal of spreading workplace health promotion in Germany. Cooperation between all national players is to be optimized. The network bundles and disseminates existing activities, including publicizing research results and practical examples in order to promote workplace health promotion among decision-makers. The network is supported by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Federal Ministry of Health.

Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health/Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin 
The BAuA is a departmental research institution within the business area of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The BAuA conducts research and development in the field of occupational safety and health and the humane design of working conditions. As part of its educational and mediation work, it is in charge of the DASA working world exhibition in Dortmund ( The BAuA website provides extensive material on the various topics for practitioners and those interested in research.

State Institute for Work Organization NRW/Landesinstitut für Arbeitsgestaltung NRW (LIA)
The LIA NRW supports the ministries and district governments in the development and implementation of occupational health and safety and health promotion in all regions of NRW. The website presents the Institute's wide range of activities. Under the section "Themengebiete" - "Arbeitsgestaltung" (only in German) you will find background information and current research projects, e.g. on occupational health management. It also provides access to publications and an overview of the survey studies carried out in NRW.

New Quality of Work Initiative
Founded on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Labor and the social partners, today an association of the federal government, the federal states, business associations, trade unions, the Federal Employment Agency, companies, social insurance institutions and foundations. The initiative is committed to improving the quality of work so that companies and employees can benefit from it. The website provides information material on the topics of personnel management, equal opportunities and diversity, health, knowledge and skills, as well as examples of good practice. Action aids and publications are also available.

"Mental health in the world of work"/"Psychische Gesundheit in der Arbeitswelt" (psyGA)
The psyGA project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs as part of INQA. The project is managed by the BKK Bundesverband. The project sees itself as a networking center and bundles existing knowledge in order to prepare it for all those active in the world of work. The aim is to sensitize decision-makers and multipliers in organizations to the topic of mental health. The site offers extensive background knowledge and provides concrete action aids for employers and employees through many free materials.

The information platform "Working conditions and employee health"/"Arbeitsbedingungen und Gesundheit von Beschäftigten" (IAB)
The connection between working conditions and workloads and the health of employees is becoming increasingly important due to demographic developments in Germany. How must work be organized so that employees can remain healthy and gainfully employed in the long term? The IAB information platform documents the results of empirical research in recent years (Source: IAB).

The following working groups form associations of the respective rehabilitation facilities and distribute information material, inform about news, current events and provide publications:
BAG Inclusion Companies

Specialist advice for work and company projects/Fachberatung für Arbeits- und Firmenprojekte (FAF)
The FAF website offers advice for integration companies and market-oriented social companies. FAF helps to create new jobs and secure old ones, especially for people with disabilities. Development of partnerships and integration projects are presented on the site. FAF also provides downloads of projects and outlines of results.





Integration offices
The integration offices are active in the area of integrating severely disabled people into working life on behalf of disabled people and employers. The website of the Federal Association of Integration Offices and Main Welfare Offices provides extensive information on the fields of accompanying aids, protection against dismissal, equalization levy, seminars and public relations work. The section "Infothek" (only in German) contains important information on the vocational participation of severely disabled people, such as specialist dictionaries, laws and publications. The magazine "ZB. Behinderte Menschen im Beruf" is also available online. The forum (under the "Akademie" tab - only in German) on company integration management provides expert advice on questions from readers.


European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training
The “Cedefop Website” presents the “European Center for the Development of Vocational Training”. Reference is made to projects and current EU policy. In addition, references to studies and publications are given under the heading "Publications and reports", which also contains further links.

European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
An independent and self-governing organization founded by member states to create a platform for the field of special needs education. Under the heading "Country information" you will find general information and national thematic fields for each member country. This includes, for example, funding, identification of people with disabilities or the integration of pupils with special educational needs in mainstream schools in the member country. Current projects are also presented on the organization's website. Publications and a search engine are also available.