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Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Doctoral candidate

Sophie Teborg

Doctoral project

When it comes to professional participation, people with disabilities are often confronted with barriers. These mainly result from the work situation itself, e.g. rigid working hours, a lack of accessibility in the workplace or negative attitudes from superiors and colleagues. However, there is hardly any in-depth knowledge about the working conditions of people with disabilities in Germany. The aim of this doctorate is therefore to take a closer look at the working conditions of people with disabilities in the primary labor market and to expand existing knowledge. The aim is also to identify potential for improving the quality of work for people with disabilities.

The doctorate is part of a cooperative research project between the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) and TU Dortmund University: "Quality of participation in working life - recording, describing and shaping the work situation of people with disabilities" (F2540).